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As long as we’ve been in this house the screened in, attached porch has had leak problems around the chimney, where it goes from the steeper house roof, to the mostly flat porch roof. This has over time damaged the chimney(which we kinda want to remove and replace with a window, but that’s a separate project). Now some shoddy repairs done after a hurricane have started to collapse one corner of the porch roof and eve.

See pictures here:

What we want to end up with is a freestanding pergola, with wood shade slats, or maybe polycarbonate roof panels.

I’m somewhat handy, having done A variety of projects around the house, but nothing like this.

I’m also hoping to salvage siding and roof parts from the porch to fix the damaged areas of the chimney, and drip edge,etc to finish the house fascia where the porch currently is.

My current plan is to remove the transition strip between the porch ceiling and house eave, and maybe some of the ceiling to assess how the porch roof is attached to the house and chimney. Then on the same day pull off that close section of porch roof, do the fascia board and drip edge on the house, and then work on the rest of the porch demo, removing the siding, rest of the ceiling, the roof, until all I’m left with are the main vertical posts, which might be reused for the pergola structure.

Am I on the right track? Any advice? I feel a bit overwhelmed thinking about it, this is a lot bigger than any other projects I’ve done in the past, but I feel like it should be within my abilities.

I’m in the Houston area, and the house was built in the 80s. I’m not sure if the porch was built with the house, or if it was added afterwards

Thanks for taking the time to read this!

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