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Hello All

I have a relatively small (28″) crappy Ikea (whirlpool) fridge. I would like to get a nice 36″ fridge instead. I think it would at minimum require:

remove the above counter cabinet (will expose subway tile that does not go all the way up)

remove the fridge cubby divider

cut the granite back

remove the under-counter drawer and cabinet.

Not too worried about reducing the cabinet space, I would probably put some DIY shelves in the space.

The granite countertop is definitely the biggest challenge. I don’t mind getting a contractor to do this but I am interested in knowing if this is a safe idea (safe for the countertop. I definitely will get dust protection/rated masks).

Have others done something like this? What problems can I expect? Am I overlooking anything?

If this can be successful, I would like to do something similar on the other side with the stove and put in a 36″ instead of 30″

Thanks for your help

Pictures for reference:

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