Cut hole in drywall for media enclosure just to find it just barely doesn’t fit. What to do??? : HomeImprovement

In this great brain of mine, I had this wonderful idea to add Cat6 cabling throughout my home. First step was to install the structure media enclosure. Here is the unit that I bought:

I mark 70-inches from the floor on the studs, which, to the best of my measuring ability, were measuring 16 inches center to center. I use a level to mark my top and bottom cuts and get to work cutting a giant hole in the wall.

The drywall is out and I go to place the SMC inside and it doesn’t fit. It just barely doesn’t fit. You know that sinking feeling where you feel like a complete idiot? Yep, that’s what I was feeling right then.

Turns out the right stud is bowed and rotated a little. You can see that in the photos. The width is .25 inches wider at the top of the hole versus the bottom. Turns out I happened to choose the one spot where the framer had shoddy workmanship.

What are my options here? I would really like to use that existing spot and not open up another hole in the hopes that this same spacing issue doesn’t exist elsewhere. (I wish I could just shave away part of the stud but I don’t think that is an option.)

Thanks in advance!


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