Dealing with a poor caulk job : HomeImprovement

I cannot take credit for these tips, because I saw it in a YouTube video once but there were three things that really helped me, four things.

  1. Make a very very small hole. Like just cut off a couple of millimeters on the end and use a thumbtack to poke a hole in the end of it. Much smaller than you would even think you could use.

  2. Make sure you have a dripless caulk gun.

  3. File or grind the edges of it a little bit so that you have a tip that will fit nicely into the corners as you go along. I know that’s a terrible description, but if you think about it once you cut the top off at an angle, you can also shave the sides down a little bit so it comes to a very nice point.

  4. Be certain your finger (or rag) is wet when you wipe the caulk bead.

This changed the whole game for me. Good luck, dude.

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