Deck paint peeling. Having trouble removing. Any suggestions? : HomeImprovement

So we bought this house in June 2019. Deck paint was peeling up in a few places. Previous owners put it on 1.5 years ago. Some of it peels off easy, other spots won’t come off with any method. Wife and I have spent hours sitting on the deck peeling by hand, and there’s about 50% left. We tried stripper fluid, but that didn’t do anything. Power washer got a lot off, but that ended up just getting off what you can see in the pictures. Father in-law rented am industrial sander and that did nothing but eat up the exposed wood. Any suggestions? We were going to replace with composite, but the 4 quotes we got were not financially possible for us at the moment. Thanks!

The paint is Pittsburgh Revitalize. – dog tax

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