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We want to build a deck. Conceptually I understand how to do two different decks – one that would be installed over a concrete slab, and another that would be raised on beams/posts, and attached to the house via a ledger board.

However, I think it would be awesome if we could have one seamless deck that covers the concrete porch, AND extends over part of the yard.

The porch is 7′ deep and 14′ wide, and we are thinking of extending out into the yard by 7′, so basically we’d be looking at a 14′ by 14′ square deck, with half covering the porch and the other half over part of the yard.

My “brilliant idea” is to use 16′ long pressure treated 2×10 beams that would support both parts, by notching the 7′ that will be on top of the porch so that the notched part is just thick enough to make the surface of the deck boards the height we want (which is just below the sill of the door, which is about 3-4″ above the concrete).

I’d still put a ledger board on the slab, to support the beams at that spot, so the notched parts of the beams would not be supporting any of the weight from the half of the deck that juts out into the yard.

I’m attaching a couple of photos of the porch in question.

I hope this makes sense, but if not, I can try to clarify the wording, and can take more photos, or attempt a sketch or two.


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