DESPERATE! NEED HELP! Botched countertop installation PENNSYLVANIA : HomeImprovement

I hired a company to do install my kitchen backsplash. Yesterday after them expending 11 hours at my house this is what i was left with

-They buried the receptacles underneath the tiles -Their straight across cuts were awful -the corner tile trim installation was a joke. -no expansion joint was left between countertop and tiles

The damage done was even greater than what you can see in the pictures since I was able to point down the issues to the contractor. He proceeded to knock down most but i was still able to find more and take these pictures….

Before he left yesterday at 8:30 pm, he asked me if he could leave his tools there, I said yes, no problem. And he jokingly said “at least you’ll know I’m coming back”

But then right after, when I started to point out all the issues, he just stayed quite, acknowledging the issues and after knocking down those tiles… guess what? When he left I noticed he ended up leaving with his tools.

In order for them to guarantee a date, half of the payment was made prior. I already sent them an email at 7:55 AM. It’s now 9:21 AM and they haven’t reached out to me yet.

I’m extremely scarred and stressed out. I’m a foreign woman and I feel like I don’t know how to defend myself against this.

I’m afraid they’ll ruin my brand new countertop and all those wasted tiles.

Any advice on how to proceed will be greatly appreciated.

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