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So we paid a company to power wash our home and I think they really screwed up but I’m not sure if I’m over reacting. It appears they drenched the house and windows in their cleaning solution, but didn’t rinse. The biggest issue is the windows.

The cleaning solution got between the storm windows and the interior windows on all the window panes and left streaky white residue. These storm windows are screwed into our home and while they were never perfectly sealed, removing them may cause damage. It’s hard to reach most of the interior window panes just by lifting the interior window so I can’t just clean it that way except for the very bottom.

A professional window cleaner is coming out for a quote, but warned they typically won’t remove storm windows fixed to a home with screws. (I don’t think they were ever intended to be removed again)

Is this a big deal? Is this just par for the course with power washing?

streaky window

streaky window 2

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