Dishwasher installer drilled holes right through the side of the dishwasher to anchor it… seems weird. : HomeImprovement

I figured I’d ask here because I’m sure a lot of people here have installed dishwashers. I’m wishing I had done this myself but it seemed worth the $ to just have it done for us.

We bought a dishwasher from a big box store and I’m not too thrilled with the outcome after the contractor came and installed it. He apparently drilled 5 holes in it to side mount when he could have done a top mount into the laminate countertop, and not only that he didn’t use any brackets. Then he used putty to seal the holes but didn’t even cover them.

He also was about to leave with it tilting significantly backwards blaming the flooring, but I got home around that time and said that it was unacceptable. He then leveled it out as best he could. Now after inspecting his work it looks to me like he didn’t know what he was doing. The dishwasher is surprisingly loud too so I’m wondering if he just ignored sound dampening entirely. There’s also a scratch on the top of the door from when he was moving it around with the brackets in place.

Here’s some images of the screws, would you call up the place you purchased from and complain? There’s top mount brackets installed but unattached, is that not just plain stupid?

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