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Hi I’m about to build a very shallow deck in my back yard.
– The deck will be 1 or so inch above the ground at about 7 inches to the top after decking is installed
– I will bolt a 2×6 ledger to the house and install 2×6 joists out about 12 feet
– I believe the spacing of the joists will end up at about 18 inches.
– The joists will sit on a buried pressure treated 6×6 post
– This 6×6 post will be about 9 feet from the house so there will be about a 3 foot cantilever
– My municipality says that due to the size and height of the deck, a permit is not required

Now I know that this is not the best method to build a deck but I am tearing it up in 3-5 years when we redo the entire back yard. I understand that the 6×6 post will rot but I will have it sitting on a few inches of gravel within the ditch.

The deck will be pretty much at ground level. We do get cold weather up here being in Ontario Canada but if this deck lasts 3 or more years I’m happy.

So will the 9 foot span from the ledger to the 6×6 buried post be too far of a stretch?

I was considering buried deck blocks but I’m not sure how many I would need or how to space them out. Any suggestions for deck block spacing would be great. Any other suggestions on how I should build this little deck that do not involve concrete and drilling would be great too.

Again I have to stay pretty much at ground level here otherwise I have to create a second step which I do not want.

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