Do I need to hire an electrician, or is this replacement DIY-able? : HomeImprovement

So this is a home built I believe in 1993 or so, with barely any renovations done since. What I’m trying to help out with is the bathroom. They have two things on their ceiling, I believe it’s a fan, and a heater? But the heater hasn’t been working since 1999, and the fan only passes the tissue paper test if the grate is removed. Pics of the ceiling: The circle thing is the heater, the square the fan.

Now what shocked me was 1) never seen a heater in a bathroom ceiling before like that 2) the condition of the ceiling fan underneath the grate. There is no attic to their condo, so I can’t see anything else, but I feel like it’s safe to assume more of the venting is also rusted like that? If so, do I need to replace all of it somehow? The goal here is to replace and modernize both so that the house is sellable in a few years. I’m worried about the fan due to all of the rust I am pretty sure a professional will need to be called for the heater? I have no idea how to even go about that. The fan I was hoping to DIY after seeing a ton of YouTube videos, but the condition of it is scaring me. Any tips or advice are greatly appreciated.

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