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We get water in our walkout basement all the time and I decided to dig out along a planter bed where most of the water seems to seep into. The planter had a corrugated pipe exiting at the base near the house. After digging it up the drainage mat was shoved into one end of the corrugated pipe and it was packed with mud. Not to mention it doesn’t slope correctly at all. Not sure how effective this was to begin with.

My thought is to keep digging this trench out along the planter and put a base of pea gravel and set in a new perf corrugated tube with a sock around it, fill with some gravel, 8-12″ and put the dirt back in, slopping away from the foundation wall. I’m concerned though since I will not be able to get the pipe beneath the interior floor slab I may be creating a water well. I do not know if there is drain tile along the footing here (house has a sump pump).


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