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New homeowner here in Southern California.

Wondering if any clever minds on here have a unique solution.

Just closed on a townhome. We have a two-car garage with a washer and dryer inside. There is a connected flex space behind the wall of the dryer. The flex rooms measures about 7′ x 12′. The current setup is this: the dryer vent exits the dryer, goes through a hole in the wall that’s near the floor, into the flex space across 7′ gap, and dump out of the flex room through a hole that’s about 5′ from the floor. It makes a slide-type shape across the room to reach from floor to mid-ceiling. It runs along a wall – not in the middle of the room. But because of the way it cuts across the room, it eats up valuable square footage. It’s also quite an eye sore.

I’m not really sure if my verbiage is painting the right picture. I’ll snap a photo tomorrow when I’m back at the property.

Initially I thought to run the duct from the floor, to the ceiling, and then over to the other side. I guess this causes too many 90-degree angles which is dangerous. The general inspector mentioned a lint box, but that brings up the issue of heat dissipation in the garage.

Any super handy people with any other suggestions or considerations?


Edit: Photo added. https://imgur.com/Zkh17ba Imagine the dryer to the Right just out of frame, on the other side of the wall

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