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Hey, I was hoping to get some advice, though I have a feeling I won’t be able to do much about it anyways.

I rent a flat in the basement of an old (~200 years old) house in Ireland and there seems to be a large amount of moisture coming up through the walls, there’s always been what I assume is efflorescence towards the bottom of some of them, but I had scraped it all off/sanded it down and repainted it before Christmas, but it’s back again. I didn’t think it would appear quite so fast. Here’s a picture currently (please excuse the mould, we had stuff up against the wall and didn’t notice, so I’ll definitely be allowing for more airflow there in future).

It only extends about a foot up from the skirting boards in a few spots so it is easy to live with and the landlord isn’t going to do a load of work to seal the base of the walls (or whatever would be necessary to seal them properly) any time soon but I was wondering whether there’s anything I could do.

I was thinking of getting something like MouldX Stain Block (this), which says it prevents salt efflorescence, but if I patch just the bottom of the wall I’m afraid it’ll just appear a little further up.

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