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Hi Folks,

My wife and I are wanting to renovate our current electric fireplace in our living room. We have bought a new insert and are looking to change out the tile to a white brick looking tile and add in a mantle. We are going to tile only up to the mantle and then painT the drywall behind the tv. Note the tiles are loose on the wall at the moment and i think it’s a combination of putting them direct on plywood (read drywall is better for a wall) and the tile guy I had in also said he thinks they didn’t use enough mortar when he pulled one off.

I’ve called around and got a couple quotes and everyone is telling me they are tied up until the end of the year. We’d like to get it done sooner so are thinking of tackling it ourselves along with my brother in law. I’m not the most handy but can learn and I’ve done some stuff around the house – changing light fixtures, swapping hot water tank, running some ABS pipe, painting and spray foaming my rim joists. He on the other hand is very crafty with metal as he is a millwright but doesn’t work much with wood and drywall.

I’ve got a few questions that will help decide if we attempt it ourselves.

  1. The fireplace is currently built over the sub floor with hardwood around it. The new insert we bought is about 5 inches deeper so the frame has to be built out. Could we built it out over the hardwood or would we want to cut up the hardwood and build over the sub floor? My thoughts are if we change the flooring at some point there may be a strange gap there if we didn’t take it to the sub floor.

  2. We both have never done drywall before – do you have any suggestions to great how to videos?

  3. The current FP is hard wired in and the new one will be as well. If there is not enough slack in the wires I assume we will need to get an electrician in to extend them?

  4. She wants to add shelves to the side of the FP above where the tv box / Xbox sits and move stuff up there. Currently there is a cable conduit that runs hdmi down to the table and I was thinking of just re routing up to where the shelves would be. Does anyone have any crafty idea for behind wall cable runs?

We are located on the east coast of Canada and I’ve uploaded a couple photos here – https://imgur.com/gallery/GZX9Ngh


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