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Awhile back I posted asking for advice to get rid of English Ivy / winter creepy. Used a blend of everyone’s suggestions and committed to revamping my front yard for better curb appeal and to be user friendly. A back breaking process but it’s finally complete! Front yard makeover

I live in the Midwest and within three miles of a HomeDepot. So thankful for this as this project resulted in countless trips.

I bought a Fiskars ($18) machete from Home Depot and chopped off the top layer of Ivy. Then I sprayed Bio Advanced Brush Killer ($14) and let it soak. Then I worked in small areas digging up sections of dirt to get down the roots. I pulled out all the roots I could see and yes this was a tedious process. Stuffed every root and Ivy vine in a 30gal garden bag (about 60 total at $36). Layed fresh dirt and Kentucky blue grass (roughly $120). After all roots were removed from area closest to house, I layed weed barrier and brick to make a wall and board. About $200 in total. Then dumped 20 bags of red mulch to fill in at about $60 total.

Rough Total cost: $550 + meds for back pain

Value: curb appeal is much better

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