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Over here in the Bay Area, I decided to rip out the carpet in our linen closet and install some vinyl plank flooring. There’s also a crawl space hatch I will account for when installing the new floor. Taking a peek inside the crawl space, it seems we have no vapor barrier—it’s just bare expansive clay underneath. (I’m also concerned I do not immediately see light from any of the vents on the side of the house.)

Though we haven’t had major moisture problems while the carpet was installed, I did note that rust overtook the staples holding down the carpet padding, and the tack strip for the carpet. Could have been the “steam” vacuum we did one time.

Seeing as there’s only 3/4″ plywood and leftover vinyl sheet, should I be laying anything above the subfloor? I might even take out the remaining vinyl sheet as the hatch hinges look troublesome.

Also, should the new flooring be integrated into the hatch, or can it simply lay above?

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