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Hey guys, I am a relatively experienced DIYer, but haven’t done much work with doors nor windows.

Anyway, I recently purchased a home and am storing some stuff in the garage, so I wanted to install a deadbolt to add more security. When I went to do the install, I noticed that the pre-hung door jamb is significantly deeper/wider than the framing members. As a result, there is nothing really for the deadbolt strike plate to sink into (other than the jamb itself).

This seems like a security concern to me, as I would rather have the strike plate locked into the studs. This doesn’t seem normal to me, but all the other deadbolts I have installed have been on finished interiors so I don’t have a lot of experience looking at doors in rough openings.

I could see how the jamb should perhaps be wider than the studs in order for things to be flush when drywall is installed, but this still doesn’t seem right (as there is nothing for me to screw into!)

Any help or insight is appreciated.

Detailed photos: https://imgur.com/a/8ltZxu6

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