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Hi, so I had the bright idea that I could install and route the wiring to recessed lighting in my soffits. After buying a ladder, hole saws, lights, wire, etc..I’m a little too late in the game to quit now. So I cut the first hole today and noticed that wood is blocking me from running wire. My guess there’s a wood perpendicular to the soffit every 4 ft or so. I was hoping to fish the wire along the inside of the soffit. There is no attic access to this particular spot as this is on the slope of the house and the roof is directly above. It seems the only way is to route the wire outside of the soffit, which was definitely not my preference as I would have to make additional holes to connect to each light. This is the first time I’ve ever tried installing lights and would greatly appreciate any advice on how I could route this cable from this light to the next one, which would be a little past the gutter downspout.


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