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I was redirected here from /DIY and apparently this is a better place to seek help for this. So here goes, I’m not sure if this is the right subreddit to be asking for help with this but it’s the only one I could think of. If this isn’t the right Subreddit please direct me to one more suitable.

So I’m moving into a new place with my dogs and I need to put up a fence to keep them all in. I’ve found the perfect fencing for them however it’s a little too tall and doesn’t match the city’s guidelines regarding fence height. I was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to shorten the fence or if anyone knows of any visually similar fencing options? The fence is the Ironworks Euro and I’ve left an image of it down below. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I need to solve this problem soon so that I can move in.What the fencing looks like

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