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My bedroom is directly over the garage door motor in the condo building I live in. When I first moved in, it seemed like the motor hum was quieter, but at this point, I’m sleeping with shop noise earmuffs to avoid waking up every time it kicks on. I have spoken with the HOA, and they are sympathetic and would consider replacing it if I can get a quote with the right product and installation.

The current installation actually looks like it was installed with noise in mind. The motor assembly is attached to a metal bar that bolts down into the garage floor, rather than coupling into the ceiling. The most interesting thing is that the noise seems louder in the apartment rather than in the garage below the motor.

So far, the three garage door installers I’ve talked to either haven’t called me back or have been uninterested in installing anything other than pretty much what’s already there. One of them suggested moving to nylon rollers to help quiet the noise. I found this Lift Master HCTDCUL which looks ideal for my situation. It’s a high cycle DC motor system that can soft start and stop to minimize noise and remove 60 Hz hum. However, Garaga won’t install it where I am in NY.

I’m open to any and all ideas. I would prefer not to move.

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