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I’m more than excited to have just finished up a compete tear down and remodel of my bathroom! This was my first ever major project, and a huge learning experience for me.

We moved into this house about a year ago and have had this project on the list since day 1. The remodel turned into a necessary project when I found the floor near the toilet was soft, as well as the window in the shower (WTF?). The project started on May 13th, and the final touches are being finished up this week, April 28th.

I am lucky enough to have an extremely knowledgeable and helpful family member that is a GC in town, so all the tools and know how I don’t have were borrowed or given. Some of the more complex structural and key work was more “watch and learn” as well.

The project started with a full weekend of demo, the house is entirely plaster board walls, which weight a ton and turn to dust quite easily. The ceiling was left intact, and everything else was pulled and tossed.

Once the walls and floor were gone, the next big step was framing up the window, and replacing some soft and damaged studs. One of the floor joists needed to be moved as well, due to it being cut in half previously to fit the toilet plumbing. The subfloor was replaced, plumbing was roughed in, and we got the new tub set.

Things moved pretty quickly next, I insulated the previously empty walls, and got the new drywall up, as well as a kerdi cloth in the tub enclosure. I was pretty pleased with how the kerdi system works, and am a big fan of the pre-made niches they sell.

We laid cement board on the floor, tiled it, and then got put on hold waiting for the shower tile. I had ordered enough for the shower, and then found out half the boxes had broken tiles… once the rest were here, the shower tile went up as well as paint and trim work.

The vanity and toilet were a much simpler install than I expected as well, so once they were in a few finishing touches and clean up has this project coming to an end!

Pricing for the project looks like this:

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