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The front entrance stairs to my home have been in pretty bad shape and originally we considered having them replaced. However it has been almost impossible to find a contractor to just replace the stairs in the GTA (they all want to redo the driveway at minimum and $10K-$15k is not worth it and definitely way beyond budget). I am now considering plastering the area right at the bottom of the door and paint (circled in the attached pictures). Also considering just replacing a couple of the cracked/ broken bricks. Since my knowledge is 0 to minimal at best, I was hoping to get some suggestions:

  1. Would plastering/ painting the chipped areas make sense? If yes, what kind of products should I be looking at?

  2. Where can I find bricks to replace the cracked/ broken ones on the stairs in GTA. I have been searching online for a while and can’t seem to find exact replacements (I honestly am not sure if I am even searching with the right phrases)

  3. Any other suggestions to improve this without spending a fortune?

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