Fixing cracks in walls, mostly along corners

Hi all,

I own a duplex house, built about 3 years ago. Within the last 6 months I’ve noticed some increased cracking alongside the ceiling corner, that has travelled down the side corner of the wall, caused some corner tape to crinkle, and also shows some horizontal tearing which I believe is alongside the underlying seam of drywall. Here’s some pictures. This is the only place in the house I’ve seen any cracks, and it is on the top floor, along the roof and front exterior. The wall with the calendar on it is the common wall with the other duplex unit, so the roof line here is basically the mid point of the roof. It’s a single plane slanted torch down roof.

Note that the tape tear I’ve made worse by peeling it back, it originally was just crinkled as if it had started to separate due to shifting of the drywall. I expect to just cut it out and re-tape/mud that area.

Is this something I should do myself? (I’m comfortable putting spackle into the cracks, sanding/repainting, and also have some replacement tape I can use to fix the tape tear.)

The reason I’m asking if I should do this myself is the horizontal gap gives me pause, and this seems like a significant amount of cracking. There’s no evidence of foundational cracking outside or any other cracking inside that makes me think this is structural. Random googling leads to this being truss lift which sounds mostly cosmetic, but curious what yall think my next steps should be?


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