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I’m hoping to do a shade sail over my deck for this summer but could use some advice. I’m in Nebraska – which I recently learned is in the top 5 windiest states in the US.

Here are the plans:

Shade sail will be over a 13×15 ft deck. I’ll get a rectangular sail, with 2 sides lagged and cabled to the house, other 2 sides attached to steel poles. I don’t want to set the poles into concrete, as I want them removable for the winter months. I’m thinking of just attaching them with metal collars to the 6×6 deck posts (the posts are flush with the railing). I’d run the poles all the way to the base of the deck, and use probably 4 or 5 collars?

Questions: what size and thickness of steel tube do I need to run after? Are there any considerations I need to make?

Here’s the deck (also a before/after for those interested!):

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