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Hey all, I’m trying to finish this loft space above my garage without spending a load of money on insulating the whole thing. The issue is I can’t frame a door in the loft itself because of the way that the A-frame tapers and also because of a structural wall that was built to support it a dormer that I can’t cut into. So… I was thinking about framing a 32” exterior door on the stair landing.

I’m new to this whole framing thing. I have a lot of questions that I know I can probably get answered here:

A) is it legal to have a door on a landing?

B) if I frame the new wall so that the frame sits on the stairs and, by extension, gets it on the landing, how do I correctly attach the top plate of the frame to the floor joists at the top of the stairway? If that’s not code, then how could I attach the bottom plate of the frame to the stairs? But If that’s not code….

C) you guys got any other ideas for enclosing this space? I can post more pics of the loft if you all think that I can mess around with the structural wall holding up the dormer.

Thanks in advance. I do maintenance for multi-family housing as a career, so I know a little about carpentry and have all the tools, but as a first-time homeowner I kind of want to make sure I do things the right way, you know what I mean? Haha.

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