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Hey there,

first time poster here, as I’ve never attempted fixing home appliances myself before.

My fridge, which I have bought used a couple of years ago (Germany) has stopped working a a few days ago. The light in the fridge is still working.

After looking online I’ve found that a common cause is the thermostat not working anymore. It’s of the type K57L5557. It looks like this. There were four wires connected – black, brown, white and green-yellow. I have found a (German) datasheet online, which I have tried translating to English. The wires were connected like this. Putting the info together, in my opinion, the black wire is connector number 3, the brown wire is connected to number 6 and the white wire is connected to number 4. The green-yellow wire was connected to what the datasheet calls “Schutzleiteranschluss 4.8” (protective conductor/earth 4.8?).

Before figuring all this out, I have watched a youtube video where it was recommended to connect the black and brown wires to see if the fridge itself is still working. When doing this, the light turns on. After analyzing the datasheet I have tried connecting the black and white wire directly (in my opinion these get connected when the temperature rises, thus directly connecting them should make the fridge cool down if it still works at all). At first nothing happened, but the door was still open. As you can see from the datasheet, the SI (door) switch somehow plays into the equation. After closing the door, I could hear a light hum. I guess this was the compressor? Sadly, after a while the sound stopped (and hasn’t returned since) and after a whole night, the fridge is still warm. Is it possible that the other two wires need to be attached to somewhere in some way? Or is it fine to leave them open? You can see the circuit in the datasheet.

I have also noticed that the freezer (it’s a fridge and a freezer in one appliance) is warming up, as the ice is melting. I guess the freezer doesn’t have a thermostat (because it should always be cooled?). Also, if it does have one, both thermostats breaking at the same time sounds highly unlikely. This leads me to believe that the thermostat was not the problem after all.

I have also read that the compressor or the capacitor (Kondensator in German) could be the problem – so maybe the compressor can’t turn on without the capacitor because it’s 2-phase (?). This is the back of the fridge (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), I couldn’t find a capacitor.

For a while now I’ve found puddles of water on the floor close to the fridge. I could never tell where they came from, as there was no stream coming from the fridge. The door isolation rubber is damaged, as the fridge is pretty old (I would guess 12-25 years? I really don’t know a lot about it.).

Currently, with only the black and white wires of the thermostat connected, the fridge doesn’t make any sound at all.

Any and all trouble shooting would be appreciated. If necessary, I can provide further information and take more photos.

Thanks everybody!

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