Fucked up my toilet’s water supply line and am having trouble finding a replacement for it. : HomeImprovement

Last night I was installing a bidet and had to disconnect the water supply to the tank of the toilet to install a t valve. The best way I can describe my supply line is a steel ribbed flexible pipe. It’s like a hybrid of a pipe and a braided water line – rigid but able to be bent into shape. The kicker is it looks like it’s either crimped or soldered onto the valve so it’s not so simple to take off. I’m having a lot of difficulty finding anything about it online since it appears to be extremely uncommon. Anyway, I disconnected it from the tank and bent it to the side to move it out of the way when it snapped almost in two. It’s currently just sitting there like Nearly Headless Nick’s head. Is this just a matter of finding the correct term to search for to find a new line, or do I need to completely replace my valve?

Here’s the little bastard.

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