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TL;DR: Do I have to close this gap somehow (sister studs or shims maybe) before hanging kerdi board?

I’ve been working on a bathroom remodel and after celebrating getting this heavy ass tub into the alcove, I’m back to worrying and dreading the next steps (but I swear I enjoy this).

I’ve got schluter kerdi boards I’ll be using for the walls and currently I’m thinking I’ll finish it with flexstone or a similar product rather than learn to tile.

The tub is flush to the studs on the back wall and at the other end, but that leaves a gap that’s almost an inch between the studs and the tub. I was also thinking maybe a smaller gap would be tolerable on both ends rather than a larger gap on one by trying to center the tub a bit more in the alcove?

A concern I have is also this weird stud placement if I need to close the gap; I think I’d need another stud at the edge of the tub so I could have a joint betweent kerdi and new drywall. Then I could try and conceal the difference in wall depth with the flexstone trim.

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