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Hi r/HomeImprovement,

We had bought a townhouse a few months ago and have been running through some of the items that the inspector had called out. Unfortunately, as the weather has gotten warmer we have had an issue with mice in the home. I’ve went around the perimeter of the home and sealed gaps with Duct Seal (AC line) and Rid-O-Mice (weep holes) as well as setting traps around, but problem I see is behind our range. After sliding it out, I saw a lot of mouse poop, and a noticeable gap between where the baseboard was removed under the outlet, and the tile floor. Not only that, but there are holes in the outlet itself. My suspicion is that this is a potential entry point.

  1. How would I seal this up? Should this be caulked, and is there a particular kind I should use?

  2. Is it possible that mice are getting in through those holes in the outlet cover? Would putting something like electrical tape over those holes be effective?

Thanks all

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