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I have, what I consider to be, and oversized three car garage. The garage is L-shaped, with the two car section measuring 24’8” x 24’7”. There is an extension “hallway” which goes to the other part of the garage. I currently have some basic metal shelving in the garage, but am looking at ways to clean it up and make it look nice. I live in a more expensive neighborhood, so if I decide to add permanent storage, it needs to be on the more aesthetically pleasing side. I want to put in storage on the back side of the two car garage (opposite of the garage door).

The main thing I am looking into right now is cabinets. I have a fridge in the garage, as the house had a counter depth in the kitchen, which does not provide the storage I need. I am actually considering buying a standalone fridge and freezer because my mother-in-law loves to buy the entire grocery store when she goes, but I digress.

I have poked around the big box stores looking for ideas, but ultimately have not found what I am envision. I would like to have some under cabinets, some over cabinets, and some full height cabinets for storage, as well as have the ability to “put” the fridge/freezer into the cabinet system. I am not opposed to a small counter space, wood of some kind, but do not particularly need it, as my work-bench will eventually be setup in the One Car side of the garage. Any ideas (online or stores) to work through this with?


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