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Location: Southern Ontario, Canada

Simply put, I’m at my wits’ end. My end goal is to apply Epoxyshield to fix the disaster that is my garage floor.

I’ve learned that the most important part of applying any coating is the prep. What’s left of my concrete is either grease-stained, pitted like the Moon, or covered in ugly yellow paint applied by Chuck Norris (it does not come off). My house is 40-50 years old and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was all original.

I live in a townhouse, so using a diamond floor grinder is unfortunately out of the question due to noise and respect for my older neighbours. I have purchased some concrete patch compound which I plan on using to fill the pits. In an attempt to remove the paint and grease, I poured TSP all over the floor, waited, and scrubbed like hell with a deck brush to zero effect.

I have a few questions:

3. The Epoxyshield kit comes with acid wash solution. I don’t think this will do anything for me here, but am I wrong? 9. The epoxy coat is quite thin – should I drop an extra $70 and just prime the floor straight over the paint and grease (will this even work)? Is there concrete-to-epoxy primer that’s cheaper? 42. Is the TSP wash + rinse + vacuum enough to decontaminate the surface for a good bond? My walls are unpainted drywall; powerwashing would be very risky. 2. In all honesty, should I just pay somebody to resurface my garage with new concrete?

Every video I’ve watched of people applying epoxy starts with a pristine concrete floor. My floor is sloped, cracked, pitted, greasy, pre-sealed, and covered in 50 years of filth.

Budget is the primary concern here. I’m fairly handy but I’ve never dealt with this kind of restoration before.

Help me, r/HomeImprovement, you’re my only hope. Thank you for reading!

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