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In one of my rooms the ceiling and crown molding are a dark stained wood, and the walls were painted white by the prior owners. They were sloppy with the white paint (looks like they sprayed it on), and there are several areas of the molding and ceiling that have some paint splatter or misting. I’m getting ready to paint the walls to turn the room into a nursery. We’d like to keep the ceiling and crown molding stained, but clean up the white splatter. What is the best way to do this?

I can probably lightly scrape some of the big splatter sections, then sand and re-stain. But for the misted corners thus will be harder. I don’t think I can stain over the paint? Is my only option to sand all the areas with paint mist and then re-stain? Or is there a solvent that will remove paint but not stain.

I didn’t paint it so I’m not sure what paint type it is… I assume water based.


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