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I wanted to plug with you all. We replaced all the blinds in our upstairs rooms after the 20 year old, builder-grade blinds finally broke beyond repair.

We opted for their Economy Cordless Faux Wood blinds, and are very happy with the quality so far. Here are the pros/cons:


  1. With their sale prices, they were much cheaper than Home Depot or Lowe’s. By hundreds.

  2. While they said shipping would take 4 weeks, they arrived in 2 weeks.

  3. The website didn’t give a ton of descriptive information about the Economy line of blinds, except that they were cordless, came with a valance, and were white. When they came, the valances were much higher design and quality than expected, and the slats were privacy slats (which is an upgrade when choosing different blinds.)

  4. we measured very carefully, and had no problems with the fit, even though there were several different sizes of windows.

  5. They seem like much higher quality than the builder-grade blinds we had that were original to the home. Hopefully, these will last 20 years as well.

  6. I love the cordless feature. No more cords to choke my kids, no more white string that turns grey over time.

  7. Installation was pretty straightforward. We’re not handyman experts, but we’re not newbies either. Had no issues installing.

  8. One of the blinds ended up hanging crookedly, and after a 10 minute wait to talk to a customer service rep, she did some troubleshooting with the manufacturer and they decided to ship out a replacement at no charge. Hopefully everything will match, but it’s only been a month so we should be fine. I couldn’t believe how little hassle it was to get help with it. I will try to update if it never comes or we run into issues.


  1. There really was very little information about the economy selection. I saw someone (here on Reddit, maybe?) say that the economy product isn’t necessarily a cheaper product, it’s just whatever they’re making a lot of so you don’t get to choose as many features. It worked out really well for us with the fancy balance and the privacy slats, but who knows what you’ll get.

  2. One blind did come in a little crooked, but like I said, they immediately insisted on replacing it at no charge.

If you choose to go through, I’d advise to wait for their biggest sales (I don’t really know but I’d expect holidays, maybe), and to triple measure. Both my husband and I got slightly different measurements when we did it, so just make sure you double and triple check. We followed the instructions on how to measure from their website, and everything fit very well.

Hope this helps.

Edit: Dagnabbit, should have proofread before posting.

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