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I purchased a home (NY state) recently. Water drainage on the property is bad. Home has a steep roof and the roof was just redone before I bought it. However, the shingles were overhung by a couples inches, no drip edge was installed, and gutters were never put back on (but remnants were placed through the backyard).

I hired someone to install seamless gutters. And once they got up there, they realized they didn’t have a good way to attached with wedges, or even strap, the gutters.

This was due to a combination of (primary) the fascia slanting in towards the ground, and the shingles being so far away from the fascia.

(1.) Is my best bet extending the exposed rafter tails by placing two new longer pieces on each of the tail- with ends angled perpendicular to the ground? Add fascia. Now fascia is parallel with the ground + fascia is closer to shingle. And obviously try to add a drip edge.

(2.) for steep roofs, and gutters, are there any recommendations for the gutter to be angled when it comes to ice/snow?


Pics of homes in the neighborhood with same slope and inward fascia:

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