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So I am trying to hang some lights in my backyard from my house to the gazebo, what is the best place to drill an eye hook for a guide wire? My house is made up of stucco and brick in places. There are a few places and I’m not sure what is best (see images):

Frieze – there appears to be a thick masonry frieze right where the soffit starts by the wall that I’m sure can hold the eyehook but I haven’t seen any photos or people drilling into the frieze.

Fascia – The internet installer ran a cable along the Fascia and I saw they put up a turnbuckle for the wire from the pole to the house, so I think the Fascia might be strong enough to hold a guide wire that goes 15 feet. There is a gutter along the edge so I may have to put in an eyehook from under, not sure if the wood is thick enough for a 1/4″ eyehook.

Soffit – The soffit has vents all along the way, I’d have to climb into the attic to see if the beams go all the way out, which means i could find the soffit joist if there is one. It’s very hard when I knock on it but I’m afraid the weight might rip the hook out eventually.

Wall – I found the stud in the wall (or at least, I think I did). There was a door there previously but it was stuccoed up and feels like there are studs around. I could put it towards the corner, but is there anything else I need to look out for when doing this?

Any advice for a first time driller?

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