Hanging shelves on plaster walls

Recently purchased some shelves to hang in my kitchen for a bit of extra storage (this unit in particular). My house is 80 years old and has plaster walls, so I don’t exactly trust the anchors that came with it, and I want to make sure it can carry some weight. The unit itself weighs probably 30 pounds, and is rated to hold 20 lbs per shelf.

My initial plan was to anchor it to the studs with wood screws – however finding the studs hasn’t been easy in these old walls, and the spacing seems irregular. Also the mounting points on the shelves are spaced 31.25″ apart, so I don’t think I’d be able to hit a stud on both sides.

The shelving unit has 4 mounting points – 2 on each side. Would it be safe to attach one side to a stud, and use something like molly bolts on the other side, or should I use the same anchor at all points? Are there other anchors that work well in plaster and can carry more weight? I don’t know how thick the walls are so I’m not even sure which size molly bolt to get.

Any advice to hang these shelves securely would be really appreciated!

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