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Need to get the support beam in my basement replaced (as recommended by a structural engineer). Original columns and footings can stay. I have two quotes but can’t seem to get a third, which I was hoping would put my two in context. Actually closer to 4k difference. Haven’t done this scale of work before, any advice? I’m in MA, north of Boston. There’s also a secondary project involved in the quotes that gets referenced (an addition that isn’t properly affixed to the foundation and blocking for sagging floors). Best guess for price differential is the first dude works with his sons, but I’m not sure what else to consider.

Quote 1: $9000 *Remove and Replace main carrying beam with 3-71/4” Structural L.V.L. beams roughly 30 LF. As per plans. ( Lally Columns and Footings to remain.) *Beam to be Installed using adhesive/lvl lag bolts/Springfield plates/and Simpson ties as per plans. *Install 5” Lag bolts into sill plate. *Install blocking to floor joists on both sides at mid span. *Remove and dispose of all debris. *Obtain Permit.

Quote 2: $ 12,750 dollars. Labor and materials included. Plumbing and electrical work also included.

Engineering Design: https://imgur.com/a/gFJJ0lA

Automod prompted me to explain why I don’t have three quotes. Wrote six people — two gave quotes, one was too busy, two flaked, one was going to stop by but his wife gave birth and now he’s too busy. He gave me a name to try – they were too busy. Their recommendation was also too busy. So was THEIRS. I offered to pay the dude with the baby for his time just to give a quote for comparison, but he didn’t respond. Wrote to one of the ones who flaked to see if they’d still come, no response. So… we have two quotes!

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