Heard a loud noise in the basement just now, discovered my vertical supports are rotted out from years of flooding. Anything I can do to secure this area, before contractor comes by Wednesday? : HomeImprovement

Long story short, bought my childhood home from my mom this year, it’s over a 100 years old. Basement has always flooded, mom couldn’t afford to fix it, so it’s a chronic problem. It’s been flooded for about a week bc rain and snowmelt (2″ water pooled away from the drain for ~1wk) & we finally got it dry yesterday w dehumidifier. Now it’s literally falling apart beneath us.

Pics: https://imgur.com/a/1TfxDdJ

So… obviously that’s not great, heh. I’ve called my contractor friend and he’s gonna come by Wed night, but is there anything i can do to secure this situation before then?? Should i go get some thick metal poles from home depot and put them up on the concrete, maybe beneath another part of the beam, to the left 1-2″ to support the most rotted beam? I really don’t want my floor to collapse. This house is Old. Even though the center beam looks like it should hold out a few days, the beam beneath the stairs (~5′ to the left) looks like it’s ready to go.

We just bought this house, and the foundation is pretty damn critical to its survival, so please feel free to recommend the best solutions & not the cheapest. Obviously we don’t want to spend excessively, but I want to fix this problem once and for all, so this house can dry out. What should i expect my contractor to recommend, & is there anything I should make sure to ask him? I’m a first time homeowner, I’ve never done this before, but i know I don’t want it to keep collapsing!

Appreciate any/all advice. Thanks so much

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