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Hey all,

First time posting here so thanks in advance for the help. I’ve tried calling local handymen, but nobody seems to be available these days so I’m looking for advice.

I recently removed the medicine cabinet above my vanity and reached a snag when trying to remove the frame of the light fixture. It almost looks like the nut holding the grounding wire in place is soldered into place, but idk why someone would do that and what can be done if that is true. A 1/4″ wrench is too small, but a 5/16ths is too big. I’ve tried needle nose pliers and got it to twist slightly before the pliers broke in half. I can see that the wall mount is still installed underneath, but I can’t get to all the screws until I remove the big rectangular plate. Like I said, I haven’t been able to find any handymen able to come and check this out and I’m not quite sure where to go. I’ve been trying to figure this out on my own/find someone for a few weeks now to no avail, so any advice or input is much appreciated. Thanks!

Pictures to give a visual:

TLDR: I can’t remove the light fixture above the vanity b/c maybe the grounding wire is soldered into place and I can’t find a wrench to fit the bolt. I can’t find a handyman to help me out and am looking for a fresh set of eyes and advice. Thanks!

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