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We bought a house in the PNW a couple years ago – from what I have learned since, the owner pulled a classic slap-a-coat-of-paint-on-the-deck before selling and now we’re left trying to figure out what to do. I have a couple questions that I’m hoping people who know more than me can answer:

  1. How bad is this deck/how much life do you think we might be able to squeeze out of it? Here are pics of a representative area plus pics of the 3 most problematic planks as far as I can see:

  2. What can we do this summer to try to extend the life?

I initially called some professionals, but they’re booked out. We are not super handy and given the price of lumber right now, would like to minimize any replacing of wood. I’m thinking of trying to just band aid it to get it through another winter and deal more thoroughly with it next year, potentially with the help of professionals, or if it is at the end of it’s life, replacing it completely. We’ve been thinking we would just sand, slap on some wood hardener, and paint, but we are also open to putting in some elbow grease (as in fully sanding and staining?) if it will buy us even more than a year. I’ve heard mixed reviews of those deck resurfacer products like deck correct. Personally, I am not a fan of the color and would much rather (for looks and maintenance) a stained wood deck, but I have a feeling that will have to wait until this deck has reached the end of its life. Any help or suggestions are appreciated!

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