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First off, hello all! First time poster, long time lurk mcgurk. I’ll get to the point and try to keep in short, but adhd ramble might kick in so apologies in advance.

So almost 2 years ago I purchased a tri-level built in 1956. I def dig mid century so was stoked on it. Everything about the house I loved EXCEPT the vinyl siding. Fast forward 1.5 years later, interior updates are about done and I’m ready to move out front. Now replacing the siding is a bit to rich for my blood, especially after redoing almost all flooring. So have had quotes to paint the vinyl as it’s currently beige which is not my thing.

On one of my many sleepless wormhole nights, i started looking at similar homes and researching when vinyl was invented and came to the conclusion this wasn’t here long, despite the install making it look like it’s been here decades. So then started looking in to what it could be, figured I could pull a piece of the vinyl back and investigate, so I did. I decided on this as my last option as I went thru my townships online portal, no sign of a permit for the vinyl install which might note previous materials, home info just says “brick frame”, and google maps only lets me go back to 2012 in my area.

So yea, the point. I peeled back a piece, cut in to the insulation and particle board behind the siding and hit this also beige but harder material. It doesn’t feel like brick but idk. It’s smooth, painted beige, and I don’t feel (stuck my hand up in there good) any seams that would imply it’s other siding strips like aluminum or something, plus, again, too hard. It looks painted beige and some brown under when I scratched it which could also be paint. I took a box cutter at it to scratch which it did but more so in the paint, the actual substance didn’t crumble or dent or anything. Feels almost like smooth hollow cement. Weird I know, but the only way I can describe it.

I’ve exhausted internet searches coming up with asbestos siding or fiber cement but again, didn’t feel like planks/siding as it was a large smooth surface with no seam to the next siding if that makes sense. Hoping anyone here may have experienced something similar or has ideas that google is hiding from me. I’d love to rip all the vinyl off vs paint it, and I know there’s risk in that there might be issues in whatever the original is. I’ll likely have a contractor over to check it out professionally and tell me but I’m hyper focused on this now and can’t stop thinking about it, so here I am. Imgur includes some photos of the material, sorry not super great, only removed one piece of siding bc I was nervous. Also a photo of my home currently if that helps with what material it might be.

For reference, the images show some particle board before the actual material I found under the siding/insulation. The material I am trying to identify is yellow/beige smooth stuff behind the insulation and particle board.

images of mystery material + photo of home

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