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Quick backstory, an inspection on our new place led us to think we’d have to replace the whole roof. But the roofer who came out to gather photos for an estimate was really helpful and seemed pretty honest. He disagreed with the inspector, pointed out a few areas where repairs were needed but felt certain the roof overall had another 10 years in it. I was surprised he’d walk away from the money but he explained he’s an hourly employee and it made no difference to him what the job cost, and he preferred to be honest about it.

Hearing that, I pressed him a little more and asked, based on the damage he did see, what would he expect to pay for the needed repairs? He told me, about $300 for general maintenance, and about $500-800 for the one area that did need to be replaced, a flat portion over the front door.

Now I’ve got the estimate from the company boss, and the general maintenance fee was right on the money but the replacement portion is $2,000 lol. I know you need to negotiate this stuff so I’m looking for help reading the “scope of work” document. Where can I press them? I’m not sure I can get from $2000 to $500 but I sure want to try.

Scope of work and some pics of the area to be replaced.

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