Help me Reddit! I have the worst concrete floor. : HomeImprovement

Recently bought a house, and at some point a previous owner installed this horrific concrete floor in the kitchen (and both bathrooms, sigh).

I need help on two fronts:

  1. I don’t know anything about concrete. What are my options here? Can it be ground down, polished, stained, etc? It has some horrendous texture on it, which is perfect for looking absolutely filthy in a room where food can frequently land in the floor.

  2. You might note from the picture that this floor is almost 3.5″ higher in the kitchen than in the dining room. It’s an old house and the floors aren’t very level, so the concrete is flush with the hardwoods on the other side of the kitchen. What should I do about this step here? I’ve been in plenty of old houses that have a step between rooms due to old, uneven floors, but I’m really not sure where to go with this.

I appreciate any advice!

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