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Ran into a little trouble in my bathroom last weekend, and now I need some help.

Long story short, I broke one of my frameless shower doors when trying to replace the rollers that were no longer gripping to the glass panel. I’m not opposed to replacing the whole track system (it’s a very ugly gold color) but I can’t seem to find a similar one.

The current one is actually taller than my surround, and has an additional glass panel that sits above the top track. Best I can tell it’s not an add-on but is part of the door system itself.

The door size also seems to be non-standard. It’s 31 x 66 3/4, which is about an inch shorter than the doors I can find at Home Depot (the Delta ones are 67 3/4).

Can anyone point me in the right direction to replace either just the glass door or the entire track system?

Picture of my Shower (minus the one door)

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