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Over the past couple of weeks, I will occasionally get whiffs of a smell of sewage in the house that we own. I only smell it in 3 spots in my house: In the hallway linen closet, near the toilet in the bathroom, and near the kitchen sink/dishwasher (but only when the dishwasher is running). The smell is ONLY coming from these three spots. Neither our laundry room, bathtub/shower, or bathroom sink drains give off the odor.

The sewage smell is the strongest at the base of my linen closet pictured here:

The closet gives off at the very least a slight smell almost constantly and the strength of the smell fluctuates. Some days the stench is stronger than it is on other days.

We keep the house fairly clean. The kitchen is cleaned daily. The bathroom gets cleaned twice a week. Everything else is cleaned once a week. Also, I clean the garbage disposal and the dishwasher/filter weekly.

The house is pretty small. Here is a video clip of a walkthrough showing the three problem spots and the proximity to each other:

Do y’all have any suggestions on what I may do to find the source of the smell and fix it before I consult a plumber?

Thank you for taking the time to read this and for any advice that you may be able to offer.

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