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Hey! I’m about to move my upholstery business into a building that shares a wall with a therapists office. I have already picked a really good spot for my 47dB air compressor to go that won’t be a problem. Our work isn’t so loud but it’s not silent and our main workroom will share a wall with a therapists office. I would like to listen to podcasts/watch reality TV and talk to our staff without worrying about sound transferring too much. I’m not so worried about noise going up (it’s not occupied) to the left is a record store and to the right is a restaurant. Also HVAC is not shared.

My thought is to frame out a false wall in front of the shared wall with a ~1” gap -insulating and drywalling the false wall. There also is going to be lots of upholstery foam storage and fabric storage going on in this room. Is there anything else I should think about/be aware of/include? the blue wall under the soffit

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