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Hi there,

I am removing my old backsplash in preparation of new countertops coming in a couple weeks. After that we want to install new backsplash. I am a little lost and hoping to get some advice. Photos below.

Chiseling off the old tile has been a challenge. It has taken a long time and a lot of patience to even get 1/2 done. Some come up easier and others rip up a lot of drywall no matter how careful I chisel. Obviously I know I will complete this and have to cut/replace the entire area before the new counters come. Thankfully the area is small and not the entire kitchen.

My questions are about my general approach and about the seam right next the cabinet and the seam next to existing laminate countertop lip. I plan on using an oscillating saw to cut next to both where the new drywall will go, but how do I manage the seam between old and new drywall? Does it matter if I’m putting new backsplash? Do I need to tape and mud these seams?

Just looking for some advice since I am only going by what I can find online. Thanks and appreciate your help!

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