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As the title states, I started a project that I thought would be relatively simple: replacing the gross old linoleum in my bathroom, but as I thought might be the case, I’ve uncovered a bunch of other issues that need to be dealt with, and I’m hoping you fine people can help with some questions!

  1. Mold on the concrete. As you can see, there’s a pretty extensive patch of mold next to the tub. I’m in the PNW, so this wasn’t really too unexpected. So, is this a pretty straightforward treatment? I’m planning a bleach solution with TSP.

  2. The concrete around the toilet flange is pitted, and not flat with the rest of the floor. There wasn’t any apparent sign of leakage, so I think the seal is fine, but as long as I have it ripped apart is it worth it to patch the depression, or does it not matter much since the newly installed toilet and flooring will cover over it?

  3. As you can see in the photos, there’s a pretty significant amount of drywall crumbling at the base around about half of the bathroom. Can I just cut away the first couple feet of drywall and replace it, or is it a good idea to just rip out the walls to the studs and start fresh ?

While I know my way around tools, I don’t really have much experience with this kind of home renovation, so any help and tips is very, very much appreciated!

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