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We just bought this house and the front steps need some work. The bricks are coming off and creating a hazard and the workmanship looks…poor. I’m really not familiar with this method of laying bricks, as there does not appear to be any mortar used? I think the intention was to make it look similar to the walkway, which is just dry laid on sand.

I’m hoping someone familiar with this method of construction can advise me on how to repair it. Or, if this is a poor way to do things, confirm that I should simply pull it all off and replace it with properly laid/mortared bricks. The former is preferred because its less work and this ain’t the only spot that needs some attention…old houses!

Here is a look at the stoop

Here is a closeup of the bricks. Both had what appears to be an adhesive below them, which is no longer “sticky”. I peeled off the stuff on the right brick.

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